Dakota Mclearn: Retired at 19! Dreams do come true!!

Dakota Mclearn: Retired at 19!! Dreams do come true!!

Dakota retired at 19, from showering with the homeless to living on the beaches of the world. Dreams do come true!! Anything is possible if you put you mind to it. Empower Network is changing lives and can change yours to!! Check out this video, it’s a must see!!

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Dakota Mclearn Empower Network

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The Power of Gratitude

Check out this post on the power of gratitude. There is something magical about gratitude and the changes that can happen when you are  truly grateful. The links to my empower network blog and articles of mine are on the right hand side of this post and there is also a link below to my post on the power of gratitude. Hope you enjoy!! Have a great day!!


Only YOU can share with the world what you have to share!

I had a conversation with a friend today which helped me to understand that we are all given gifts and talents that are unmeasurable and incomparable to others. What you have, and what you have to share with the world is completely different to what I have. You are unique and there has never has been anyone like you in this world ever before and never will be. You are unique and that is such a beautiful thing, we are all different and unique in our own different ways. So embracing this uniqueness is so important, it is a way to declare that we accept who we are and that we love who we are. Accept your uniqueness and the talents that you have been given because you have been blessed with them for a reason. Someone needs to hear your song, read your book, see your art work and all the beauty that entails. The world needs your talents and we need our own talents to be expressed and shared. I have found that once we share our talents with others and make the most of what we have been given it can give us purpose, living life with passion, direction and can us to know ourselves, help connect us with others and grown in self belief and knowing of who we really are.

I love music and singing and often used to feel as though it didn’t matter if  I didn’t sing or play the guitar that much anymore, I would think- I’m just average at it, no one will really miss me not singing or playing guitar. So as much as I really enjoyed it and I love writing songs I had put it aside for a while. This conversation with a friend was an exercise for the study I’m doing was one in which I needed to think of a time which I had a problem and had overcame it somehow. I choose the problem of moving from my hometown to a new city and the feeling of being isolated, not knowing where to make friends or how to make new friends and not knowing how to have lasting friendships. I overcame this problem and did make really good friends and now have some of the best friendships I’ve ever had and this is something that I’m still working on. For the exercise my classmate asked of a time when I had good friends and felt supported with close relationships. For me it was in school, playing in primary school and performing that I remember this best and when I got one of the lead roles in the school play. Being usually a quite person, it was a surprise for my teachers and friends at school when at the auditions for the school play I did well and got a lead role with a solo song to sing as well, as it was a musical play.

I had something to contribute to others that they enjoyed and I felt others appreciated. My classmate interviewing me about this time asked what was that like singing and acting in-front of an audience and your  family? It was me showing the world who I was and being me, being true to myself and where I felt so happy. I felt like I belonged and it was really me being myself and expressing who I am. As my class mate went through questions to help me tell my story I realized that this time in my life was really important for me and a time of finding out who I am and what I enjoy. Coming from a farming background I felt like I didn’t really fit in as it wasn’t really my thing to work on the farm. Discovering what I enjoyed by being a part of the school musical was where I felt at home, like I could do it all day everyday. Being able to just be me and do what I love and having others enjoy it is such a great gift. I felt like I had a purpose, could connect with others, tell a story through performing and singing and others could relate to it. By my classmate asking questions to take me back to this time it made me realize that music, songwriting, singing, performing are all things I still do love and that they help to create connections with others, inspire others and share with others the uniqueness of me. Going back to this time of courage to be me and being my true self has inspired me to keep writing songs, to sing more, to play the guitar more and share my story, my truth and who I am through my music. Most of all it has inspired me to just be who I truly am. It is something really special, what being true to ourselves can do. What sharing our gifts and being who we really are can give others and give ourselves. What we have to share with the world is different from one another. You are you and no one else can share what you have to share with the world. Being who you are is simply beautiful!

What gifts have you been blessed with and that you love sharing with others? What would you like to do to be true to yourself more?


Knowing your true worth

Two days ago I had one of the biggest realizations that I have ever had of my life, I discovered why for a long time I found my circumstances not changing for the better as much as I them wanted to. I realized that for way to long I didn’t know my true worth and that the way that I treated myself and the way that I saw myself I would be treated by the others and the world.

A poor person is only poor because they choose to be or believe what they have is what they deserves and nothing more and they don’t believe or feel worthy enough of having more. Sometimes someone who may be homeless for example is given money yet as much as they do want to change and they don’t want to be homeless if they don’t feel worthy of money they are given, gifts they are given or a home then believing they are not worthy is going to push these things away. This is in my own opinion anyway and as the law of attraction is real and working in this way all the time this makes sense to me. Once we know our true worth the abundance of the world can open up to us, the abundance of money, jobs, good health, joy and so much more.


Image retrieved from: http://www.angelmessenger.net/tag/magical-mermaids-and-dolphins-oracle-cards/

What we are worth is so much more than we can ever imagine and once we know this because it is true, it can and will open us up to all we deserve. I know this because it has happen for me. As I begin to know my true worth and realize that everyone deserves to be happy and that I no longer need to punish myself for no reason things in my life have changed. It was two days ago when a speaker at church was talking about worthiness that this really clicked for me, that if we don’t believe we deserve something there is no way that it can possibly come to us and stay. I have done this so often if the past, not feeling worthy of being happy, having friends, enjoying life. Life is meant to be enjoyed and to really be lived in joy and every person is worthy of this. Once we know we are worthy this can begin to be realized more and more, that’s when things can begin to change, that’s when the magic of life appears once again. It is such an amazing, incredible thing that everyone deserves to have.You are worthy of a joyful, abundant life!

Share this post with those you care about and love, to spread the joy of knowing your true worth!

Why I started blogging

Well, here I am writing one of my first blog posts. I’m discovering this new world of possibilities, opportunities, connecting and sharing with others. I have always liked writing, it is just a way to express myself that comes easily and naturally and I find it is quite therapeutic. It may sound funny but it really can do amazing things, writing on a regular bases. So being able to do something that I really enjoy and share it with others is actually really great to finally do. I have started blogging so that I can share with others what I have found helpful, life changing, healing, inspiring and amazing in my life. There have been different things that have really helped me in my journey and I enjoy sharing this with others who may be going through similar difficulties. It is such a gift to be able to do this and be creative in this way. Incredible things happen everyday and can happen to anyone, pain, hurt, sadness, despair, grief, anger, frustration all can be so difficult and truly unbearable at times. Hope can be lost and sometimes it is easy to lose sight of what is important and the positives that are always present in life, yet they can be hard to find. Going through hard times or seeing others go through a difficult time can be truly heart breaking. Although this can happen there always is hope and miracles do happen everyday, sometimes and quite often they just go unnoticed. Great things happen even when it feels like things couldn’t be any worse.

I have found that there is a reason why things happen and that when life doesn’t seem perfect or how we want it to be exactly there is a greater purpose and reason things are the way the are. Having gone through difficult times myself as most people do in life and I’ve now come to a place that is so much more positive and I’m able to really enjoy life is such a great blessing. To be able to help just one other person through sharing what has helped me would be so amazing as I know how much help from others is so very important in anyone’s journey. For me realizing that certain circumstances that made life so hard are the greatest gifts in my life that I have been given and this is so wonderful to now know. Being able to appreciate these difficult times is empowering and strengthening. To be able to find things to be grateful for in the not so great times helps make anything possible. The start of blogging for me is a way to share with others this strength and to help others to see the light when they might be lost in the darkness and just can’t find the light switch that is always there somewhere, although sometimes we just need some guiding from each other to find it.

Have you had something happen in your life that has inspired you to help others in a similar way that you have been helped and you’ve been inspired you to give back? I would love to hear your thoughts on this and what you may feel inspired or called to do to help others.

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Hello & welcome to my blog!!

Welcome to my brand new blog, a place where I’ll share different things that I find inspiring and things that bring me a lot of joy. I’ll share anything uplifting and creative, as well as tools, techniques and exercises for self development/growth that I have used and want to share with others. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!! 🙂